Survey Services

Helping You Assess Your Organization

The first step of a DEI effort is the collection of relevant data on the current state of your organization.

A well defined survey instrument is an effective tool for gathering the comprehensive data needed to lay a strong foundation for a DEI program.

Our survey has launched the DEI program of scores of public and private sector organizations.

Our DEI Survey services are described below.

DEI Survey

Survey (Turnkey)

Burden Free Solution

Let our experienced team conduct your next Employee Engagement or DEI survey using one of our reliability tested instruments .

We take the burden of survey design, implementation, and data interpretation off your team and provide a finished product with insights that can be immediately incorporated into your DEI program.

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Cost Effective Solution

Want more control over your survey process? Let our team create an account for you on our survey platform (powered by Mindset Management).

We will train your team to use this robust and user-friendly platform to generate surprising insights into the culture of your organization.

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Keep the Conversation Going

IEC uses webinars to help individuals grow their DEI awareness.

Each month we host discussions on timely DEI topics for:
▪ DEI and Recruiting team members; and
▪ other employees.

Check our calendar for the dates, times, and topics.


I have heard very positive comments from the department with which you have been (conducting an organizational assessment).

Individuals at all levels of the department have told me and the National Vice President for HR what a change they feel in relationships and the work environment since your involvement.

American Cancer Society

Dir. Human Resources Development

I have had a chance to look through the survey data in the Mindset Management system and it’s quite useful.

It’s clearly a very good system and the work that everyone put in to getting our information set up is really manifested in the way the system allows for different segments of data.

I can clearly see the interplay of engagement survey data and how it informed the focus groups and overall report.

International Republican Institute

Director | Global Human Resources & Administration