"What is diversity? How do I explain diversity to my employees? I’ve done diversity awareness and sexual harassment training, what’s next? How does diversity impact my bottom line? How can I manage diversity in my organization to achieve a competitive advantage? Are our organizational culture or human resources policies preventing us from valuing diversity?”

IEC has helped organizations tackle and resolve these questions since 1988.  IEC is a solutions-based company.  We specialize in providing tools that allow organizations to create, assess and manage a diverse workforce.

Our mission is to provide exceptional products, services and processes that allow organizations to build systems that promote positive interactions and relationships in a diverse environment while supporting the mission and goals of the organization.

Guided by our Six Phase Diversity Management Process©, we help organizations move beyond diversity as a training program to managing diversity as a change process linked to business success.  Whether you are seeking advice and assistance on starting a new diversity initiative or searching for ways to get better results from your current initiative…IEC has solutions for you.

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