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IEC's training process is designed to facilitate the customization of our training for each client.  We use the information gathered through project start-up discussions with the client to identify key issues for the organization.

These issues are transformed into case studies or highlighted in other fashions during the training phase.  In this manner, each client is assured of receiving training that speaks directly to the issues most affecting its organization.

IEC's training process is built around the following philosophy:

1. The most cost-effective training process is one that touches every employee.  In this manner all employees are developing "common" skills and tools -- thus reducing miscommunication in the workplace.

2. The training provided is non-confrontational -- focusing instead on the facts and providing participants the skills (tools) they will need to be successful in a multicultural work environment.

3. Major concepts introduced in training are reinforced through exercises and/or case studies to make them more "real".

4. Some of the best insights in training are those provided by the participants.  Therefore, exercises are designed to generate dialog and ample time is provided for discussion.

5. Training is often enhanced through the use of facilitators of diverse cultural backgrounds and training styles, and IEC is committed to this concept.

IEC provides training in the following areas:

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