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In addition to providing services in a wide variety of areas, IEC provides in-depth consulting designed to assist clients in implementing change in their organization. These services are provided by IEC’s president or Senior Associates. General consulting days may be linked with other IEC services or purchased separately.

Clients have used general consulting days to:

  • provide coaching/mentoring for their leadership team;
  • assist in the development, revision or evaluation of their diversity initiative;
  • develop and/or provide support to their diversity taskforce;
  • review or restructure their diversity recruiting effort; or
  • provide direct support to their diversity program manager.

IEC has developed three cost saving general consulting packages based on its most popular requests from clients (One Unit, Five Units, Ten Units). Each unit represents one consulting day. To purchase consulting days in other increments, email IEC with your request.

IEC Consulting Packages
One Unit
Five Units
Ten Units

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