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IEC's diversity training provides participants the awareness, sensitivity and skills required to work or manage in a multicultural workplace.  Participants learn how to employ multiple approaches to communicating with and motivating diverse employees.  They learn:
  • to appreciate diversity as a business issue; and
  • their role in creating a bias-free workplace.

IEC’s diversity training is designed to impact individuals at three levels:  personal (“understanding yourself”), interpersonal (“working with others”) and organizational (“understanding diversity management as a change process).  At each level, the training includes modules that provide awareness, sensitivity and skills building.

The Diversity Training Series consists of these courses:

  • Cultural Competence for the New Millennium
  • Developing Diversity Awareness Skills
  • Diversity 101 - Understanding Self
  • Diversity 201 - Working with Others
  • Diversity 301 - Supporting the Organization
  • Preparing for Workforce Diversity Presentation

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