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IEC has developed a Six Phase Diversity Management Process© to guide organizations through the long and complex effort of creating a diversity management framework. This unique process is designed specifically for those individuals who have been charged by their organization to design, develop and implement diversity initiatives.

By following the key steps outlined by IEC, organizations can build and maintain support for their diversity initiatives and avoid the pitfalls associated with many diversity management programs. IEC’s process also allows organizations to benchmark the diversity management accomplishments of other public and private sector organizations.

The Six Phase Diversity Management Process is designed to promote lasting change in an organization’s culture. This is accomplished by developing diversity initiatives around an organization’s systems, people and culture. Lasting change is best achieved when an organization is simultaneously examined from each of these three perspectives.

The figure above depicts IEC’s Process. It is circular to reflect the principle of continuous improvement, which all successful diversity management efforts must embrace. Diversity management is not a one-time event; rather it is a long-term process aligned with business goals.


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