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IEC conducts cultural audits for organizations that are interested in an independent assessment of their organization and its work environment.  The assessment provides the client with a detailed picture of the current state of the organization. 

The goal of the audit is to assess the culture and climate of the organization and to identify any issues or perceptions that inhibit its ability to identify, attract or retain a diverse workforce at all levels.  The audit also seeks to identify issues that prevent the organization from taking full advantage of a culturally diverse workforce and/or consumer base.

IEC's cultural audit process has proven to be efficient and cost effective for both large and small organizations.  The process is designed to collect both objective (analytical) and subjective information, and to report all findings clearly and succinctly to the client.

IEC’s diversity consultants, working in cooperation with the client, use the audit information to develop strategies and recommendations for taking full advantage of the business opportunities created by diversification in markets and the workplace.  Our analytical approach to problem-solving, coupled with over a decade of consulting experience, allows IEC to provide clients with outstanding services that consistently hit the mark.

IEC provides three levels of cultural audits:

Level 1 – Employee Survey

Level 2 – General Cultural Audit

Level 3 – Detailed Cultural Audit

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