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The goal of the General Cultural Audit is to determine the challenges and opportunities the organizational culture poses for employees and to provide guidance for the development of an effective cultural diversity strategy. Fully implemented, the audit can strengthen morale and cohesion among employees and improve the public image of the organization.  In addition, it can identify serious issues that left unattended could lead to the filing of complaints, grievances and/or lawsuits. The audit represents an investment in the future of the organization and its people.


The General Cultural Audit begins with the administration of a standard or customized employee survey. The survey findings are then used to structure a series of focus groups and interviews to identify issues driving reported differences (or gaps) in employee perceptions. In addition, the audit includes an in-depth assessment of the policies, procedures, workplace demographics, management practices and culture of the organization.


IEC’s General Cultural Audit provides an organization with:

  • Statistical data on its culture and the perceptions of its employees;
  • Assistance in turning the audit findings into a workable plan for improving the organizational culture;
  • Long-term assistance (to the managers and leaders) in the implementation of the change process;
  • The tools required to quantitatively measure growth in the organizational culture; and
  • A holistic approach to change that will ensure maximum benefits from the human and financial investments in the project.

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