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IEC has created an employee survey process that is efficient, cost effective and accurate.  The process is designed to collect quantitative and qualitative data and analyze both in a quantitative manner such that workplace issues (and perceived issues) are identified for resolution.

The cornerstone of the process is IEC's norm-referenced and reliability tested survey instrument and our ability to administer the survey in a variety of ways, including electronically.  The IEC consulting team works with the client's leadership team to customize and administer the instrument.  The high level of client involvement fosters ownership and increases buy-in.

The survey instrument consists of the following 14 scales:

1. Procedural Fairness

8. Organizational Commitment

2. Outcome Fairness 9. Opportunity for Advancement
3. Interactional Fairness 10. Organizational Mission and Goals
4. Discrimination Treatment – Race 11. Organizational Values
5. Discrimination Treatment – Gender 12. Leadership Quality
6. Inclusion 13. Communication of Diverse Ideas
7. Impact 14. Work Group Cohesiveness  

IEC analyzes response means to determine where the organization is strong and where it needs improvement.  The most important analysis conducted on the data is the Gap Analysis by Demographic Category.  This analysis examines differences in means between demographic groups (e.g., gender, race, job title).  The gap between group means correlates with differences in employee perceptions/experiences in the organization.  Bridging these gaps becomes the focus of the change process

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