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The Detailed Cultural Audit is the most comprehensive of the audit processes.  The audit includes an in-depth assessment of the policies, procedures, workplace demographics, management practices and culture of the organization.  In addition, it examines compliance activities and practices (e.g., Family Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Title VII, etc.) of the organization.

The audit is generally conducted in response to pressing legal questions about employee issues in the workplace. For example, it may be conducted:

  • To gather data to defend the organization against a discrimination or bias lawsuit;
  • To ensure the organization is in compliance with all employment labor laws;
  • To document fair and equitable treatment of all employees – especially in a union or merit employment environment; or
  • During a merger or major re-organization to provide the data required to properly re-structure the organization.

IEC’s detailed cultural audit team includes experienced labor relations lawyers and/or senior human resources experts with experience in assessing the employee-related policies, procedures and systems of complex organizations.

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